Attaining sustainable community development and addressing local, regional, and global environmental issues are important present-day challenges. Development agenda locally, nationally or globally and human well-being are enhanced through sustainable management of environmental resources. Achievement of environmental sustainability requires the synergies of various stakeholders including governments, development agencies, and educational institutions. More importantly, participation of communities in developing and implementation of strategies for achieving environmental sustainability is very important. As such, there is growing need for professionals, at all levels of decision-making, with necessary capacity and competence to guide the multi-faceted development process. The department of Environmental Studies and Community Development seeks to promote this interdisciplinary approach of studies and research, with the aim of generating output necessary for the synergy between community development processes and environmental management. This is realized through achievement of the following objectives:-

i. Equipping the learners with necessary tools and techniques of investigating and understanding the relationships between environment and development so as to contribute to informed decision-making towards sustainable community livelihoods.

ii. Generation of the necessary knowledge on the impacts of development on the environment and vice versa so as to encourage harmonious interactions between humans and their environment. 

iii. Production of professionals and technocrats capable of spearheading sustainable development by focusing on communities and the environment as critical national resources.